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Start your journey to the USA with Global Talent Specialists!

Direct Placements

Find your dream job with your employer of choice.  Organizations include acute care hospitals, rehabilitation providers, and outpatient settings.

Support through the Journey

We will partner with you every step of the way.  From interview preparation, NCLEX, visa applications, and more, you will never be alone.

Green Card Sponsorship

Your employer will sponsor your green card making you a permanent lawful resident of the U.S.  There will be no cost to you for this process.

Families are Welcomed

Many of healthcare professionals are also bringing spouses and children with them to the U.S. 

Note: each case will need to be reviewed to determine eligibility.


If you have not passed the NCLEX, we will pay for your preparation and for sitting for the exam.

Relocation & Settling

Not only is finding your dream employer important, but settling into your new life is a key element of success.  We will assist you in getting prepared to come to the U..S.; find housing and transportation; and make connections in your new community.

Green card in America
Nurse career
NCLEX preperation
Support along the journey
Relocation services
Family support


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