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The exclusive international recruitment and placement organization with roots deeply embedded in a prominent university and medical system.

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Nurse training

Tailored Training

Our network of universities and hospitals enables us to develop customized training programs for clinicians before their deployment in the U.S., minimizing the need for extensive onboarding upon arrival.

Hire nurses.

Permanent Placement

We help you maintain affordable costs by charging a single placement fee for every qualified professional, unlike agencies that burden you with high hourly fees or continuous residuals. These professionals will be directly employed by your organization.

Turnkey solution

Turnkey Solution

We will handle all aspects of developing an international workforce strategy for you, including;



-Department of Labor requirements

-Immigration applications and legal work

-And more.

Relocation services

Relocation & Community Support

We assist your new employees and their families in settling into their new community by providing support with housing, utilities, transportation, driver's licenses, school enrollment for children, and connecting with local cultural groups. This helps them focus more on patient care by easing their transition into their new home.



By recruiting and placing clinicians who remain with your organization for years, we help improve your retention rates and reduce costs associated with temporary agency staff.


Experienced High Quality Clinicians

All of the registered nurses we recruit hold a BSN, have passed an English proficiency exam, and have a minimum of 3+ years of bedside experience

Professionals We Support

We can recruit and place in the U.S. the following positions:


Registered Nurses

Medical Technologists

Medical Technologists

Physical therapists

Other Allied Health

Opportunities exist for physical therapists, surgical techs, and other allied health.

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Allow us to partner with you to build a long term permanent workforce solution.

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